Top Games of All Time

From this page you'll be able to peruse a list of every game that has been awarded a score 10/10 by VideoGamer Dot Com, going back almost ten years. This makes them the Top Games of All Time (y'know, in the context of when they came out and who reviewed them and all that). A 10 is the tippy toppest score we can give out (you can check out our current score policy here).

If you ever feel like you want to play a game, but the big stack of bad boys you've got at home isn't doing it for you, then you can use the Top Games list as a shortcut to find something you'd like -- sort of like when you're scrolling aimlessly through Netflix and nothing jumps out, but then your mate messages you like 'Here, have you seen Westworld? It's well good, you should check it out.'

N.B. if you're reading this in the future, Westworld was a popular television show on Netflix involving robots, Anthony Hopkins, and a self-playing piano.

History has thrown up a whole range of show stopping games, which is why you can also check them out by year, platform and genre, categorised for your every need! Just make sure you don't get square eyes, which is a real thing and not something your mum made up.

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